Hana Awase scans from the Sep 2014 issue of B's Log (Part 1/2)


Hana Awase scans from the Sep 2014 issue of B's Log (Part 2/2)

I plan on trying to sleep now but there’s something that bothers me CONSTANTLY be it irl or on the internet.

I’m sorry if I seem distant or if it looks like I avoid and/or neglect people. I do neglect people and I do realize that, but I don’t do it on purpose. I’m not trying to avoid anyone.

I’m mostly always tired because of personal things. And I’m the kinda person who hardly ever takes the first step towards others, I’m sorry. I understand it’s hard to keep in touch w/ me and it probably feels like a waste of time. I also know it’s pointless to apologize for something I keep on doing.

That’s it, though. Sorry. Please keep on being grand !!

I was dreaming…  

I was dreaming…  

I used your power. Not for anyone else! But for myself!

midgetsenpai ha detto:



soon hopefully. As soon as I stop feeling like a used sponge ;w;

midgetsenpai ha detto:



karumaas ha detto:

So did I omg

laughs maybe it’s the summer uwu

I even forgot that retrace 96 came out today I’m unforgivable


deh-arts Digital Commission!

I’m opening up digital commissions!


Because I’ve been given until September 1st to get the fuck out of my current place of residence! Woah!

And I have no money to move out! Even better, school starts in less than a month and I have no money for that either! Super duper!

And let’s not include food and other bills besides rent which I’m going to be living in the cheapest apartment I could find! 

I will draw anything! It doesn’t matter how complicated you want it, how many figures you want, the subject matter! I will do it!

I specialize in birds, bugs, Alphone Mucha -esque ladies, and Star Wars. But I can and will go outside of these categories just for you!

I also can draw realistically! So portraits of you or your pets!

And also I love detail! I will do super detailed pieces!

Here’s a link to my art facebook if you want to look at some of my other work. And also through my blog!

And WOWIE! Look at these prices! What a steal! To think that you can get a work of art from an artist who has had pieces accepted into juried shows for such a low price!

You can contact me at any of these places:

You can pay through PayPal or if you need to pay another way we can work it out!

Danke Schoen!

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